February Desktop Wallpaper

February Desktop Wallpaper

February is here and that…

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Concept Stores in Paris

Concept Stores in Paris

Today’s sophisticated consumer looks to…

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Chinese New Year is upon us and people of Chinese descent around the world are prepping their red envelopes, bringing out the lucky red decor, and striving to become one with the year of the Earth Dog.

This year we decided to unpack the origins of the Chinese Zodiac using the story of the Great Race, which is the foundation for why this week will be chock-full of red-themed festivities! The story of the Great Race has been told in a variety of ways, but there remain recurring themes in all the stories.

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor – considered the first, and leader of all Chinese mythological gods – decided to host a race involving all the animals. The animals had to cross to the opposing side of a river to determine their position in the Zodiac.

First came the Cat and the Rat, who devised a plan to ride the oblivious Ox across the river. Little did the Cat know however, he didn’t really have a friend in the Rat and he was about to find out why. As soon as the Ox set off, the Rat scared the Cat off the Ox and in to the water. By the time the Cat could react, the Ox had already traveled too far ahead. This is said to be the beginning of the animosity between cats and rats, as well as cats’ loathing of getting wet.

The Ox was poised to be the first animal to complete the race, however the Rat then expeditiously leaped forward from above the Ox to effectively steal the title. The Ox was unperturbed by this so he simply eased his way to second place.

It’s that time of the month when we share our latest custom calendar, hopefully inspiring you to stay creative in your everyday endeavors! Our muse for this month’s calendar is an iconic Eames sideboard from the 1950s; made from birch plywood, laminate, lacquered masonite, chrome-plated steel and enameled steel. This furniture piece manages to inspire us more than 50 years later, exemplifying the timeless nature of unique ideas. As we usher in a new year, may you continue to embrace creativity and accomplish everything you dream of! As always, don’t forget to #LIVthewallpaper on social media to show us how you are integrating this month’s custom calendar into your creative space!

If you’re working in the building design profession and you haven’t heard of the name Matthew McCormick yet, you’re probably living in a hole…albeit a very nice hole. Since launching Matthew McCormick Studio in 2013 his highly acclaimed light fixtures have become a hit within our design community and his talents have been sought after worldwide.  I had the honor of working with Matthew on a project a couple of years back and I’m excited to be working with him once again. We recently met up for coffee to talk about work and engaged in a fun and inspiring Q&A session.

Matthew McCormick Photo

What sparked your interest in lighting design?

I believe lighting has always had the ability to evoke an experience and set the tone and atmosphere of a space. When it comes to decorative lighting, it also has the ability to be the centerpiece and focal point; illuminating a room with art. Although I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer, l always had an affinity for lighting; creating sculptural pieces that came to life when you turned them on.