December is here and that means it’s time to bring out the festive decor! This month, we feature representations of special pieces that have us immersed in the holiday spirit. The calendar consists of a Dolce Vita bar cart designed by Ceci Thompson, holding celebratory drinks; a Dara wire wreath, an exclusive Paz tree, and an Ilex berry branch. This season presents the perfect opportunity for varying forms of creativity, so festive decor is only the beginning. Stay inspired and #LIVthewallpaper with us by updating all your devices with a fresh new look for the holidays!

Our collective of designers at LIV is centred around talent and potential, and we love sharing our stories. Take a glimpse into our world and see what makes the team work together so well!

Our talent here comes from many walks of life. Come through our doors and you’ll see a buzzing studio, and sometimes a barking studio, mainly from our resident 4-legged furry friends.

As we mentioned previously, lighting is a key area in which the LIV team actualizes interesting design concepts. The Brentwood Presentation Centre is yet another location where we stretched our imagination to come up with something meaningful and eye-catching.

At its core, the lighting at BPC reflects an element of nature. The seven-chandelier showpiece design is based on the seven Asteres Planetai of ancient Greek myth, referring to the planets that are visible to the naked eye.