As we mentioned previously, lighting is a key area in which the LIV team actualizes interesting design concepts. The Brentwood Presentation Centre is yet another location where we stretched our imagination to come up with something meaningful and eye-catching.

At its core, the lighting at BPC reflects an element of nature. The seven-chandelier showpiece design is based on the seven Asteres Planetai of ancient Greek myth, referring to the planets that are visible to the naked eye.

We welcome you to #LIVthewallpaper with us this month via some very special pieces. Our custom calendar pays homage to the Eames bird which has been a staple in design for decades, as well as the lovely Terasso shelving unit by Tony Almen and Peter Gest. To add more life to the calendar, we also included a beautiful fig tree that lives within our current work space. Hopefully, the vibrancy and richness expressed can make its way to your September and the rest of the year! Download links below.

Art Decoratif or Art Deco was first introduced in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts held in Paris. Art Deco embodies decadence and elaborate visual design. The style is achieved through bold delineated geometric shapes, strong colors, patterns, lines, and gold detailing.  The Art Deco style, which had reached its peak popularity at the 1925 Exposition, gradually waned; its decorative flourishes and emphasis on rich and exotic materials seemed increasingly irrelevant, particularly in light of the great depression and the second world war.

In time, inspired by new materials and technologies, the style became sleeker and less ornamental. Today, interior designers have embraced the minimalist aspects of Art Deco; liberating design from tradition, allowing for increasingly abstract and sculptural aesthetics creating a stunning new iteration of the style. The modern look of Art Deco is characterized by the disregard for symmetry, with credence given to distortions and unconventional shapes.

Below are a few spaces that display the elaborate ornamentation of Art Deco in the 20s with a contemporary twist.

Lighting is very important to the LIV design team and we hope to showcase the different ways in which we have navigated our journey through this intricate art. The Vancouver Presentation Centre is a great start in presenting some of the ways our designs stand out, mainly in how we apply varied techniques to bring forth our vision.

Artfully integrated with the musical serenity of  “Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d’été” – the first movement of the six épigraphes antiques by Claude Debussy – we hoped to achieve the notorious form and rhythm of Debussy’s work at this presentation centre.

Botanist Dining has created quite a buzz in Vancouver’s dynamic culinary scene since its inception just a few short months ago.  When I was recently invited to join them for a lunch social, I quickly jumped at the opportunity.

The restaurant has a very lovely open and airy feel. The interiors are adorned in soft pastel colours with layers of punchy florals. One of the most noticeable design elements is the greenery infused into the space; a lot of which is wrapped around fluted columns. It’s been said the restaurant is home to 250+ plants and 50 different species.

Spring is in the air and that usually means a few things;  Allergy season is in full gear (ACHOO!), your Instagram feed will be inundated with cherry blossom selfies, and patio season is finally upon us!!

As interior designers, we encourage our clients and homeowners to use their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes; as a secondary living or dining room for example.  With homes today shrinking in size, it’s important to make every square foot as usable and LIVable as possible.. LIVsmart = LIVwell!

Thanks to advancements in material technology, today’s outdoor furnishings are often as comfortable and durable as their indoor counterparts. And with so many high end retailers releasing new annual collections, outdoor furnishings and accessories have never looked so fabulous!!

The CLODAGH collection in bronze hand woven resin and the HAVANA collection in all-weather resin are two of our current favorites. Well designed, and well made, both are available through Restoration Hardware.

Living the simple life is a wonderful concept and one that we often all strive for.  We all know the basic rules of buying less and purging often but it’s a lot easier said than done, for some of us at least. As designers, we often surround ourselves with the things we love; books, art, collectables and items with sentimental value…like bags and shoes (sorry-not-sorry). Ok, jokes aside…if you can live a simple and uncluttered life, kudos to you! But for the other 99.9% of us, clever, beautiful storage solutions are what we need.

We’re back with some exciting updates from our super Yacht project! This post highlights some of the incredible furnishings that will adorn the custom yacht’s interiors. Selections include contemporary and timeless designs from Giorgetti, Minotti and Flexform.


Our favourite is the brown leather ‘Feel Good’ Bar Stool. Do you have a favourite? tell us bellow!

What does it mean to go green in 2017? Well, while some of you might think we’re talking about expanding your environmental efforts, we’re actually referring to a Pantone colour.  The authority on colour announced late last year that Greenery 15-0343 was their selection for 2017 Colour of the Year.  They added that the yellow-green shade was a “symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” With Pantone’s strong influence permeating into all areas of design, culture and lifestyle (food, fashion, technology, etc.), expect to see a whole lot of yellowy-green goodness in the next 12+ months.

To help you join in on Pantone’s zesty Greenery year-long party, we’ve put together a list of fun, yellowy-green goods that you can wear, play with, drink…and most importantly, design and decorate with. Get ready to Go Green(ery)!!

Vivaciously Bold

When Diana Vreeland launched her scent VIVACIOUSLY BOLD in a vivaciously bold green bottle, it created quite a buzz. This is one bottle of eau de parfum you’ll want to leave out “accidentally on the guest bathroom vanity….oops!! Get yours here.


Ready to up your Instagram game? Then droning may be the thing for you. They capture stunning aerial images and breathtakingly beautiful videos. You can easily spend up to $3000+ for an advanced model or you can spend around $300 for a hobby level drone like this one by Protocol. Please note that there are some restrictions and regulations to flying drones. Before you fly, we encourage you to check out the do’s and don’ts according to your state or provincial transport authority.

Kale Daiquiri

Put down those potato chips and grab a handful of Kale! This guilt-free Kale Daiquiri not only taste good, it’s also good for you! Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any day, you’ll agree that getting healthy never tasted so good! Enjoy it with a handful of potato chips…oh wait, we mean kale chips (wink-wink).




We love this storage tote from  The land of Nod in the perfect shade of Greenery and available in two sizes, it will look perfect in a nursery along with this lovely Under the Sea Wall Art- Turtle (also from The land of Nod).


There may be 50 shades of grey but we’d like to think there are 60 shades of greenery. This giclée print by Laura van Horne gives us all the evidence we need. It comes with a charcoal grey finished frame and hangs both vertically or horizontally. Available here.

The Lana Lamp

This incredibly cute Lana table lamp from Spencer Interiors is bound to light up any room. It comes with a unique magnetic felt shade that can be attached anywhere along the lamp’s metal base. The shade comes in five different colour ways but we suggest you go with moss.

Palet Storage Jar

If you’re going to steal a cookie from the cookie jar, then why not do it from one that looks smashingly gorgeous!?!  This beautiful mouth-blown Palet Storage Jar (available at Provide Home) will look great on a vanity, in a bookshelf, or on your kitchen counter. Capable of storing anything from cotton balls to cookies, this jar of green is meant to be seen!


The Oliver Chair

If you’re in the market for a lounge chair, may we suggest the Oliver Chair by Ralph Pucci? You are bound to receive compliments from this chair that’s dressed to impress!!

So there you have it, some simple, fun and bold ways to go Green(ery) this year.  Follow our simple guide and you’ll be the talk of the town while you’re friends will all be green with envy!